Programme 2017

The Bee Conference Programme for 2017 will include:

  • Bee Husbandry
  • Better bees
  • Disease management
  • Do you have healthy bees?
  • Overwintering bees
  • Pheromones v kairomones
  • Pollen and nutrition
  • Research of viruses.

Here are the programme details:

Topic Lecture title Speaker Slot
Bee husbandry TBC Anne Rowberry Fri 1
Virus work TBC Stephen Martin Fri 2
Q&A session N/A Colin Pavey  
Pheromones The chemical ecology of honey bees and how it is exploited by varroa Stephen Martin Sat 1
Pollen & Nutrition TBC Bob Smith Sat 2
Swarm Control Reactive Swarm Control Wally Shaw Sat 3
Exams Intro to new BBKA exams Marin Anastassov W1
Disease Mgt   Colin Pavey W2
Apiary hygiene How clean is your kit? Liz Gardener W3
Colony environment DIY hive monitoring Nick Lambert W4
Swarm control Practical swarm control Wally Shaw W5
Pollen reference slides   Bob Smith W6
Preparing for winter   Margaret Murdin W7
TBC After dinner speaker Dave Maslen  
Selection & Breeding ` Jo Widdicombe Sun 1
Forensic pollen   Dr Michael Keith-Lucas Sun 2
Neonicotinoids   Margaret Murdin Sun 3